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  • John Cartwright, Division Director
  • Charis Strange, Projects Officer II

The Mississippi Prevention Data Improvement Project is a grant funded by the United States Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, to Improve Management of Drug and Violence Prevention Programs.  This grant is intended to strengthen accountability and to share information about school crime and safety with students, parents and communities.  Snapshots is an online data management resource created through a partnership between MDE and the Mississippi Department of Mental Health designed to support the improvement of drug and violence prevention programs.

  • Needs assessment – Assess state and local efforts in drug and violence prevention by identifying key stakeholders and their existing data collection as well as assessing their data needs, infrastructure and capacity.
  • Development of Data Warehouse – Work with internal divisions, ITS and consultants to create data warehouse to pull data points from available and newly created sources to store data in a consistent format.  This warehouse will automatically produce online reports for school districts receiving Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Community Act (SDFSCA) funds to use in managing their programs.  Data will also be available to the public for their awareness of successful programs.
  • Training and Technical Assistance – Training to be offered to SDFSCA recipients and state staff on the use of the data warehouse tools/reports and data interpretation and public awareness.  Also training will be provided on the use of the online federal program application.  Policies and procedures will be developed to ensure reliability, consistency and quality of the data.
  • Public Awareness – Develop annual report to provide information about the types of programs and services provided under the SDFSCA State Grants program.  Develop a “Sharing Mississippi Successes” of local school district success stories of SFDSCA programs to serve as a model and to share with other school districts. 
  • Evaluation and Validation – Develop validation process to include procedures for identifying problem areas, communicating effectively with administrators and staff, assisting the local school districts in improving their prevention data management and following up for subsequent validation.


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