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Mississippi Department of Education's Snack vending Regulations

In 2006 the Mississippi State Board of Education adopted policy to restrict the sale of  food and beverage items in schools. You may view the State Board Policy by clicking on one of the following links:

Snack Regulations

Beverage Regulations

The State Board Policy states that the Office of Child Nutrition will maintain a listing of products that meet the required standards for snack items. To determine if a product meets the required standards, the Office of Child Nutrition has developed an evaluation tool This tool can also be used by school districts and vendors to evaluate products. The tool is provided in two formats: Word and Excel. An instruction page (Attachment C) is also provided to assist you in completing the form.

The evaluation tool in Word (Attachment B) format is designed to be downloaded and/or printed from the web site and completed by hand. For best results, please download. When completed, the form will be mailed to the Office of Child Nutrition along with nutritional information about the product. The Office of Child Nutrition will review the information presented on the form and post the status of the item to the Approved or Denied Snack Item List.

The evaluation tool in Excel (Attachment A) format is designed to be downloaded and completed by a school district or vendor. For best results, please download. A spreadsheet application that can read the Excel file is required. The Excel file contains MACROS used to calculate, print and clear the page. Please consult your computer specialist if you have concerns about running MACROS or have trouble running the program. You may have to adjust your Macro Security settings for the program to work properly. The Excel program will evaluate the data provided and give a status of Approved or Denied. After the information has been entered and calculated, you can print the completed report and submit to the Office of Child Nutrition along with the nutritional information on the product. A Clear button will remove data from the page and allow you to enter in additional items.

If you have any problems with any of these files, first consult your computer specialist about issues within your organization that may prevent the program from running. Then you may contact us by email at cn_helpdesk@mde.k12.ms.us with your problems and we will assist you. Please include in your email, your name, school district and phone number.

Vending Form Instructions Attachment C

Vending Form Attachment B (Word format)

Vending Form Attachment A (Excel format)

MS State Board of Education Snack Vending Policy

Printable List of Approved Items for Vending

Printable List of Denied Items for Vending

Vending Regulations (Powerpoint format)
Vending FAQ


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