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Mississippi Cycles II (MsC II) was designed to deliver a customized selective menu system for use in elementary and secondary schools in the state. School based menus were developed by Mississippi CNP professionals. MsC II menu system enables SFS Administrators and Managers to implement cost effective menus appealing to children and designed to meet established USDA nutrient standards. In addition, MsC II includes recipes, nutrient analysis of recipes and menus, and a means to customize the menus for school sites. The menus are based on the USDA traditional meal pattern and the Food Guide Pyramid. They follow traditional meal component guidelines and allow healthy food choices for students.

MsC II has followed the original design with revision of recipes, addition of recipes, and revision of the menu cycle to include an additional week.

MS Cycles II Power Point - Slides used by Doris Schneider at training.

MS Cycles II Power Point - Slides modified for use in training managers and staff about MS Cycles II

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