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The Mississippi Healthy Students Act, passed in the 2007 legislative session, requires public schools to provide increased amounts of physical activity and health education instruction for K-12 students. The Act mandates 45 minutes per week of health education instruction and 150 minutes per week of activity based instruction in Grades K-8. In grades 9-12, there is a ½ Carnegie Unit requirement for graduation in health education and ½ Carnegie Unit requirement for graduation in physical education. In an effort to assist school districts in complying with this Act, the Office of Healthy Schools through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process identified eligible supplemental resource providers for districts to ensure consistency and effectiveness within the state. School districts may select from the Approved Supplemental Resource. This lists are available in PDF format:

Supplemental resources must include at least one of the following components to guide children to develop the skills and knowledge needed to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

• Curriculum
• Training
• Equipment

These resources must be of high quality, research-based and specifically designed to meet the state standards for health education. Below are the minimum specifications for Approved Supplemental Resource Providers for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education for the State of Mississippi. The programs must have complied with all requirements in this section to be evaluated for placement on the approved list of providers.

• Aligned with the 2006 MS Frameworks for Comprehensive Health Education
• Sequentially planned;
• Age appropriate;
• Effectiveness;
• Monitoring of student progress;
• Sound financial and organizational capacity; and
• Resource for Local School Wellness Policy

All proposals submitted were reviewed by an evaluation team and approved as a Supplemental Resource for Mississippi Public Schools.

If you wish to be added as a supplemental resource provider please review the RFP appropriate to the service you provide. They are as follows:

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