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To assist the 152 Mississippi Public School Districts with the implementation of quality school health programs, links to monitoring instruments are included below. These instruments will serve as a guide for school districts to use when assessing the implementation of programs and to ensure compliance with national standards, state standards, and State Board of Education policies and procedures.

Monitoring Instruments

Mississippi School Board Resources

                            Template for annual school health presentations

                            Healthy School Board Recognition Program

Office of Healthy Schools Presentations

List of Presentations

Mississippi Healthy Students Act

To support The Mississippi Healthy Students Act, the Office of Healthy Schools has established a list of Supplemental Resource Providers.

Health in Action - Specifically designed to help fulfill the requirements of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act, the Health in Action database offers a wide range of health and physical education activity ideas. The lesson plans available on Health in Action were developed by teachers for use by their fellow educators.

Sample Health/Fitness Curricula Materials for Delta State University Students and Professional Teacher Use

Resources for Implementing School Health Councils

Resources for Health Education

Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

Local School Wellness Policy - Guide for Development Updated May 2008

Food Safety Resources

MDE Snack Vending Regulations

Mississippi Healthy Students Act

Online Resources A Supplement page listing numerous online resources.


Bullying Prevention

  • SB 2015, signed into law in 2010, prohibits bullying or harassing behavior in Mississippi public schools. The bill requires all local school districts to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying and harassing behavior. The policy should be adopted by December 2010.  The Mississippi School Boards Association (MSBA) web page on SB 2015 provides links to the bill, a sample school board bullying policy, and sample bullying prevention procedures.


Early Childhood Education

The 2010 report Miles to Go Mississippi - Pre-Kindergarten: Time to Begin, by the Southern Education Foundation (SEF), finds that high-quality pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) is the “first, essential step towards building the educated workforce that will enable a better economic future for Mississippi.”  The value of early childhood educational programs is widely recognized and is seen as an essential element in helping Mississippi improve from its current low national educational ranking.  Click here for online state and federal resources for early childhood educational programs.


Links to Resource Pages by Component Area

School Health Data Resources

           School-based body mass index (BMI) measurement has attracted
           much attention across the nation from researchers, school officials, legislators, and
           the media as a potential approach to address obesity among youth.

  • The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi has several online resources related to Tobacco Prevention. Click on the Link header in the top right corner of the Healthy Mississippi website to access these online resources.
  • Action for Healthy Kids has launched an online monitoring component to assist schools in accessing their wellness policy.  This online instrument will track policy implementation to ensure policies are improving nutrition and physical activity practices in schools.
  • The CDC funded Oral Health & Nutrition set of 5 CD-ROMs is now available FREE. CD titles include: Pregnant Women, Parents of Toddlers (ages 2-4), Elementary School Children (age 6-12), Older Adults (Independent adults, not specific to caregivers), and Cultural Competence for the Dental Professional. Spanish versions are available (except for the Dental Professionals). To download visit the CDC website - the Oral Health CD link is at the bottom left side of the menu box.


The Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation, a unique coalition of current and former Governors' spouses, Federal agencies, and public and private organizations, is an initiative to prevent the use of alcohol by children ages 9 to 15. It is the only national effort that focuses on alcohol use in this age group. It is also the oldest and largest organization of Governors' spouses focused on a single issue.  Currently, 75% of Governors' spouses or their representatives are members, including Mrs. Marsha Barbour of Mississippi.  Toolkits are available to assist in fighting underage drinking.


You've Gotta Move - is an exciting activity-based program designed and delivered as an engaging combination of dance, activity and music for kindergarten to second grade students. 

This video will get kids moving and their hearts pumping as they follow along with Catherine Carter and the You’ve Gotta Move kids. You’ve Gotta Move was designed so that it can be easily and successfully utilized right in the classroom.  Regular use of the DVD will help teachers achieve the competencies set forth by the Mississippi Physical Education Framework and the requirements of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act.


Resources for Healthy School Environment

More than 53 million children and about 6 million adults spend a significant portion of their days in more than 120,000 public and private school buildings. Many of these buildings are old and in poor condition, and may contain environmental conditions that inhibit learning and pose increased risks to the health of children and staff. The web site is designed to provide one-stop access to the many programs, assessment tools, and other resources available to help prevent and resolve environmental issues in schools.

Healthy Fundraisers



Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation: Building a Better ME! Program

The objective is to actively involve Mississippians in reducing the high rate of childhood obesity through the efforts of an animated program focused on containing childhood obesity in Mississippi. Through the efforts of our national spokesperson and animated character "Hattie Mae", our program will educate and promote wellness and healthful lifestyles for children at risk, and promote good nutrition and exercise, thus mitigating the current upward trend of obesity in the state.  Click here to go to the Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation web site.


Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi

Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi

You Can Do It!

You can improve your health, your mood and your life with the simple act of walking every day. Walking will improve your health, help you breathe easier, build stronger muscles and much more. You’ll get that good feeling that comes from being active, and you will be setting a good example for others. With the simple act of walking, you give a little time and get back so much more.

Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi was designed to provide anyone with the information they need to start the healthy habit of walking. In this program, you will find tips on getting started, setting goals, staying motivated, and increasing your steps.

You'll read of places in Mississippi to enjoy a walk and of how to start a health challenge at your church or business. Most importantly, you'll find the path to better health and a higher quality of life. The act of walking is so simple and the benefits so immediate that we hope all Mississippians will take that first step.

Let's get healthy, let's lose weight, let's enjoy time with the family, let's have fun, let's make a difference.

Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi!




Ground Rules: A Legal Toolkit for Community Gardens

Community gardens offer a place where residents can gather to grow fresh foods, socialize with neighbors, and get a little exercise. In many communities, individuals or other private entities (including nonprofit organizations) own land that could be used for community gardens – but landowners may be reluctant to allow their property to be used for this purpose, fearing liability issues, damage, or vandalism.
This toolkit is designed to help overcome the legal and practical barriers to establishing community gardens on land that is not municipally owned. It provides several model agreements and other documents that can easily be tailored, simplifying the process of building an agreement that benefits both landowners and the community.


Land Use Protections document


Land Use Protections—Advocacy document




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